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Engineering Services 
As specialist providers to the construction industry, we are experienced in the management of projects from inception to delivery. Providing technical, supervisory and organisational expertise we have extensive experience in providing the following services: 
Survey and Engineering Control 
Establishing an accurate control network on site, is essential prior to carrying out any survey or setting out work. 
We use a mixture of GPS technology and traditional survey techniques to provide a network fit for purpose. 
This can be in the form of either new local arbitrary grid and datum, verification of an existing grid and datum provided by others or in National Ordnance Survey coordinates. 
Original Ground Level (OGL) Surveys 
Verification of existing ground levels prior to work commencing. This is essential as the basis for all future measurement on site. 
Setting Out 
Setting out involves translating a three-dimensional design onto site to the required tolerances. 
We can extract setting out information from design drawings, or a variety of digital models and using the latest robotic total stations and GPS technology, set out accurately and efficiently to maintain site quality and program. 
Experience includes 
Steel-frames and bolts 
Concrete frames 
Water works 
Earthworks Measure and Volume Analysis 
Site surveys are carried out to produce 3D digital terrain models, using the latest modelling software. These can be compared with the OGL Survey, previous site surveys or the design model to give accurate areas and volumes. 
This may be required to carry out a complex cut/fill balancing exercise or substantiate interim of final measures. 
Quantities and volumes can be presented in a variety of ways including isopachs and cross-sections, to give the client the leading edge in any negotiation. 
As Built Surveys 
As built surveys are important to record variations from the original design to what has actually been constructed and are required by many agencies and contractors as part of their quality systems. 
They are also necessary for maintenance and future development of sites. These can be carried out to suit the client and provided as hard copy plans and digital data, for easy incorporation into site documentation and design databases. 
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